Monday, December 30, 2013

God Is Able - the 2013 Victory Jar

What a wonderful Coffee & Cozy time with God today. Do you need some inspiration? Then check out these scriptures!

Heb 7:23-25, Daniel 3:16-18, 2 Cor. 9:8
I'm completely God is able! :)

Another thing I did in my Coffee & Cozy time today was to review my year's Victory Jar...oh Yay! This is one of my favorite times about the end of the year. For those that have not read my previous posts about it, it's a jar I fill through-out the year to remind me of personal victories, God's blessings, and of the encouraging things that have happened this year. The cats were very interested in this project - ha.

I've included links to post I wrote if they related to the victory. So here's a highlight list in random order:

  • Created fun & inspiring "Heaven Themed Dates"
  • Updated the look of Silver Trumpets and the blog hit 20,000+ page views 
  • Remained professional toward some very mean & hateful coworkers
  • Purchased some high-quality business suits (my frugal side really fought this - but I knew it was worth the investment...and it was!)
  • Applied for jobs - like a mad woman - and that took a lot of work, time, discipline 
  • Had a date with God to see the Dead Sea Scrolls (totally forgot about that!) 
  • Stood up to salesman who tried to push his way into access of my backyard (long story) 
  • Kept great communication with Purity, Chidodolo, and Rosebell - my Compassion Kid'os are such a joy. Celebrated 1 year of sponsorship!
  • Rocked three successful job interviews
  • My eco-friendly project (click here) won me a brand new Kindle Fire in a contest and has been repinned on Pinterest 286+ times
  • Wrote the post Disciple the Nations which has been on my heart for a long time
  • Took first steps toward adopting! Courage for a New Adventure
  • Spent many hours researched possible jobs for friends 
  • Dog-sitter for my folks dog Katie - for 3 weeks! *whew* :) 
  • Created art with clay for the first time
  • Had amazing 15 year spiritual birthday! And a great trip to my hometown to celebrate with Rachel, Nikki, and Collin. What wonderful, deep women! - A Weekend of Promise
  • Encouraging & helping some coworkers who are having a rough time
  • Completed all the certification paperwork & classes for the adoption. 
  • Don't know what all happened in Sept but I put in a piece of paper that read: "In general, just rock'n it!!" LOL
  • Great success in my hiking training! In March I was hiking up to 3 miles at a time a few times a week, then I broke my toe - ha. Oh well, starting over in 2014 - El Camino de Santiago 
  • Disciplined about giving my broken toe time to heal and learning lessons it taught - "Moving Slow"
  • Got offered the job I wanted and successfully negotiated the salary I needed 
  • Protected a young woman who was studying the bible from insensitive pressure from others 
  • A year of pups: After much research, I found a labradoodle pup for my wonderful friend, Ivonne and a pup had been dumped in the country by my folks house and I was able to help it find a new, loving home over Christmas with my friend Ashley. I love these girls hearts!
  • Birthday adventure in my first Tiny Home - Survived the eye! - ha - I have an interesting story for sure: Rest Secure
  • Found great deal on children's beds and dressers!
  • Let myself have a deep cry 
  • Invested in books to try to strengthen my career to prepare for adoptions
  • Building friendships with great women I met at the adoption/foster certifications classes
  • Celebrated World Day for Cultural Diversity
  • Started my 10 x 10 x 10 discipline 
  • Best Christmas ever with family! 
  • Had lunch with complete strangers at the museum! That was fun.
  • Finished some difficult projects at new job and had a great review! 
  • Encouraged the 21 neighbors on my street with cards and small gifts for Christmas. 
  • This whisk idea I made for my neighbors has been repinned over 691 times on Pinterest in only 25 days. ha...and I got the idea from another pinner. 
  • Overcame my fear of knocking on my neighbors door alone and didn't chicken out by just putting the gifts in their mailboxes. :) 
  • Helped a woman who crashed her bicycle in the park by my car during a thunderstorm - The Random
  • Won our family's first ever 'Chunk'n Pumpkin' competition
  • Was able to meet the President appointed Minister of Higher Education in Uganda, Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo and his daughter Caroline Nakaye
  • Unique adventure - my poetry picnic with God - I can't wait to do this again in the Spring
  • Got a bonus and a raise at my new job after only 5 months...go God!   
Overall, a wonderful 2013. Thank you for sharing it with me. :) Praying you have a wonderful and safe New Year in 2014!

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