Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heaven Themed Dates

I really enjoy going on theme dates or creating them. I've done several over the years but I had been praying about doing something new. As I was asking God for ideas, He put it on my heart to have a heaven themed group date!

Sign leading up to the house

Dinner for the 'saints' - angel hair pasta & fix'ns. Wings attached
to the chairs so that when you looked across the table people looked like
they had angel's wings!


Candles & Music: playing Libera & harp music
Angel food cake for dessert!


Heaven scriptures
Heavenly clouds
Close up of the wings: made from cardboard & white coffee filters!
Attached with masking tape and covered with tinsel...

My friend came over to hang out during the day. While we were praying I happened to open my eyes and was moved to tears! So after we finished I asked her if I could take a picture so she could see what a saw!!!!

Dreaming about heaven is refreshing!

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