Friday, March 8, 2013

Rest Secure - a tiny adventure continued...

My no make-up, unplugged, let your hair down, Thoreauvian style getaway (well, maybe a bit more upscale than ole Henry's) was good! I stayed at the "Homestead Cottages." Click this "VRBO link" to see the tiny home...since they have great pictures of inside the house, there's no reason for me to repost those here. You can enjoy a few of the 114 pictures I took below. LOL...

I did some reading, wrote prayers to God in my newly crafted journal and relaxed. Six deer passed by on a small trail behind the house the first night I relaxed in the hot tub outside. I saw another the next morning when I was fixing coffee and three more the last night I was there.

I wish I could say I melted right into being unplugged but, no. I wrote that I felt like a paper doll that had been cut out and placed there. It's often hard for me to detox when I first go on vacation but then I can normally settle in nicely. Maybe it's hard to let go and be okay being where I am? Or maybe it was being by myself in a strange place, in the woods?

All I know is that after a few hours, I was anxious to get home already.

BUT I was there for a be still & listen for God's voice and to sculpt with clay for the first time. Sometimes, you just have to lead your heart...especially when the woods are dark.

The house had stained glass windows that showered little rainbows everywhere. I studied out "clay" in the bible and read about how God is our "potter" when suddenly I was compelled to get out of the house and take a nature walk because I realized...

... to be in nature is to truly be God's created among His created things...all else is to be God's created enveloped by man's created things.

I've worked hard on how to truly express what moved me because the harmony of being in nature at that moment was very beautiful! I felt the most comfortable there when out in nature. Anyway, so, did I finally settle in? Well, I'd have to say, no...not really. After hours of silence and working on sculptures...I had to call my mom! Then I watched the special features of JAWS and parts of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (the options were limited - grin) Maybe I wasn't cut out for Thoreau's life? HA. I think I wanted some GRAND revelation...but maybe, those were just my plans. I had a nice time with God, got away for awhile, tried a new craft and I'm certain as I review my journal of the trip more will stand out. Otherwise, I'm just going to rest secure.

Oh, one last thing. The last evening there, I was getting ready to write a note in the visitors' journal. As I flipped through three years worth of notes, I kept seeing people draw a picture of an eye with ???'s after it. Many mentioned the 'eyes' were creepy while others said they thought they were fun. I had no idea what they were talking about! An important thing to know is that this tiny home is made of reclaimed material by a builder down in south Texas. Finally, one person mentioned that the 'eyes' were located up in the knot holes of the walls. The owner of the Tiny Home replied that this is a signature trade mark of the builder and nothing what do you think? In my pictures below the flash fires so they are very obvious but with the normal shadows of the day, they aren't as glaring. I think I found about 7 in the house. After talking with some coworkers, most wonder with me if my subconscious 'saw' them and this is why I could not settle in and get comfortable. ??? :)

three deer in this photo - can you find them?
click on the picture to see it larger

My communion by candlelight (flameless candle)...

One eye is in the knot hole next to my head in the pic above this...
of course, at the time I had no idea...LOL!

Eye in the ceiling about 13 feet above me...

Sunrise coming home.

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