Monday, January 13, 2020

Snazzy Car Kits for Caregivers

Most of us know people who are full time caregivers. Often these sacrificial people spend a lot of time at doctor's appointments which usually means a lot of driving. If you've been wondering about ways to support full time caregivers, why not create an inexpensive car kit. Unlike an emergency kit, this is more about comfort and convenience. 

Simply grab a larger food container and fill it with some helpful items (most of them I already had around my house). I placed a list on top so the driver can easily be reminded what is inside before they go digging.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Resolutions & Finger Hearts

Happy 2020! 

I'm trying something new for this year's resolutions. Instead of resolving to pursue different experiences in the upcoming year, I'm resolving to change my evenings. For 2020, I selected different focuses on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Check them out:

  • No Tech. Tuesday & Thursday - These will be my two NO social media nights. No FB, TikTok, TV, Pinterest, or the Gram. Instead I'll use those evenings for dates with God, reading, creative hobbies (hopefully writing more blog posts) and more time playing with my pets.
  • Family & Friends Friday - Fridays will be dedicated to connecting with my kids and parents as well as reaching out to friends so we can revitalize and encourage our connections. 
  • Skin Care Sunday - Just what it says. I've been ignoring my skin care in the worse way. I could have easily made this Self Care Sunday or Spa Day Sunday but honestly, my skin is the thing in my routine I neglect the most and what I wanted to focus on overall.  

I'm excited about these decisions! Also, something new I wanted is to have some type of symbol for the year? I've been drawn to the Korean finger heart symbol. This is a small gesture that creates a little heart with your thumb and index finger. I think it's a cute, simple way of expressing love. I have a cartoon drawing of it on my phone screen as a peaceful reminder to be full of love and patience for others. 

Anyway, I pray whoever reads this little post will be blessed in 2020, that you will have love, peace, and a renewed spirit.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Ten Bedtime Affirmations

Here are some bedtime affirmations to help you wind down for the night. You could write them slowly in a journal, focusing on each word, or you can recite them in your mind as you lay in bed and take a deep breath after each sentence.
  1. I am calm and peaceful. 
  2. I have done my best today. 
  3. My mind can rest now. 
  4. I am grateful for today's opportunities. 
  5. The positive things I did today will lead to an even better tomorrow. 
  6. Any mistakes I made today, I can figure out how to fix in the morning.
  7. My body is relaxed.
  8. I am proud of my efforts. 
  9. The morning will bring new possibilities. 
  10. My bed is a sanctuary for a great night's sleep.

“Beauty is the harvest of presence.” - David White, Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Summer Rainstorm in Texas

Flashes of light that mimic electrical transformers exploding.
The rumble that follows shakes the house.
Rain drops, large as the lone star, flood the brown yard 
but from the inside looking out 
I can pretend it's cool instead of 90% humidity.

The sudden storm keeps my neighbors quiet;
the air is clear of weekend yard work sounds.
A summer rainstorm in Texas is the reprieve longed for
from our annual inferno sentence. 

I thank God for the rainstorm
that places my Saturday plans on hold.
I smile to myself to see
the Earth happy from the gift it just received. 

Huge cracks in the dirt begin to fill in
and plants perk up.
Birds chirp during the moments
between the sectioned storm. 

Rest. Recovery.