Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Neighbors' Christmas Gifts

In my neighborhood, it seems that people are beginning to open up. I see more waving, more "hello's" and more holiday decorations than I have the three years I've lived there. So while praying yesterday, God put the 21 homes on my street on my heart. I prayed for a way to go meet them all and decided I would stop by and give holiday gifts & cards. Below are the items I created. [Go Pinterest & the Dollar Tree!

Originally, I wanted to give everyone whisks and holiday cards but I bought the D. Tree out when I bought the only 5 whisks they had in stock. :) So I'm giving my 5 closest neighbors these gifts since they are always looking out for me and loving up on me. 

so cute!

For the other 16 neighbors, I'm going to give a bag of Jolly rancher candy, a holiday card, and again use the play on words from a Christmas song.

I want to wrap it all in prayer so I'll be praying for each home down my street for a day in December. Here's my nerdy little map to help me be specific - the visual side of me loves this! 
Anyway, I'm super excited and hopeful that I can meet many of them. Prayerfully, they will be encouraged by their "neighbor with the blue door." :D

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