Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Random

Ran·dom -  odd and unpredictable in an amusing way; out of place

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is indeed a painted cow on a roof.
I saw it the other day while driving through a downtown neighborhood.

 Above is another random thing I took a photo of last week.
Then there was the co-worker who poked this cuteness
around my door at work to make me smile.


I was reading a blog post at Going Beyond Ministries and was moved by this article "God of the Random." In it the author writes, "As an artist, one of the things that I try to mimic is the randomness that is found in nature...Our eyes naturally tell us what looks "right." While we yearn for balance, what looks "right" in nature is often unruly, UNbalanced and untamed. It's the unexpected bloom on a plant that spills over a trellis, the swaying leaves of a gnarled tree, and clouds that look like someone took a giant brush and scattered them across the sky. That's what makes those things beautiful - and difficult to recreate...How has God surprised you? Have you ever experienced a "random" event that only He could orchestrate?"

So to answer that, I give you the pictures above. God brought these random moments of joy and surprise into my week. He also put me in my car, in the park eating lunch, listening and relaxing to the beautiful sound of rain when a woman in her 50's riding a speed bike suddenly wrecked. I was able to jump out, make sure she was okay and drive her & her broken bike home. Random moment to me - random incident to her and yet totally God orchestrated!

So how has God surprised you lately? Any random events that upon reflection you realize with excitement, "That's totally God"?

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