Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moving Slow

"Life is not an emergency, slow down and enjoy it."

As many of you know, it has happened. After 39 years, I've broken my 1st bone. Not a bad record of time though! :)

What happened? Well, I dropped a table leg right onto my bare foot. I didn't think anything was broken and I couldn't find anyone to drive me to the doctor/hospital anyway so I did what most single women do...tough it out. But the fact is that once I was able to finally make it to the doctor, the x-ray revealed that I had indeed broken my toe.

In my family, if we are waiting on someone we often say, "You're moving like a herd of turtles." And let me tell you, this is totally me right now! So what am I learning? PATIENCE & TO BE SECURE. The doctor has me in a post-op shoe for support and suggested crutches. Crutches hurt though so I've just decided to wear the shoe and walk slow.

Moving slow is interesting. I notice a lot more! A slower pace makes me breath deeply. This pace makes me notice how the body sways back and forth when walking. A slower pace makes me a bit...insecure. Yeah, I find it pretty awkward to make the slow walk past the front reception desk on my way to the restroom. : / LOL! I just want to go faster and be there already! Ha. And people notice me more...which causes me to smile and be pretty talkative.

I read a quote that said, "Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for." True! Why do I walk so fast anyway? It's kind of silly. But, mostly moving slow is helping me to live in the moment, take it easy, and be at peace with my progress. I'm slowing down to savor and heal.

So if you happen to see me, feel free to walk along side me. You can use me as your excuse to give it a try...let's slow down together!

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