Friday, December 28, 2012

Feathers in My Hat - Victory Jar

As 2012 slides to a close, I take out my "Victories" jar and sift through the slips of paper. This is the first year I've kept the jar so I'm excited to relive and remember the great moments of 2012 before shifting my focus in excitement to 2013. The reason I started this is because I tend to focus on the negative much more than the positive. On any given day if you were to ask me how my day was all the things that go wrong tend to pop into my mind. So I'm trying to change my mental habits and this is one way I'm repenting. There are over 60 pieces of paper so here are just some highlights below. You can select anything bold and in italics to go to a post about it.
Some items are big while some are so small I didn't even include them here but the point is to bring my mind to a better, healthy place for both perspective and praises to God. :)

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