Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Project Staycation

I took advantage of the July 4th holiday because it provided me with a random day off in the middle of last week. By taking Thursday and Friday as vacation days also, I had a staycation where I simply worked on projects that I've been wanting to do. Some were projects like painting and cleaning out the garage but below are some other projects I accomplished that were crafty in nature. :)

Project #1: the "Holistic Me" binder - Take all the articles I've clipped and recipes I've tried from online or in magazines and put them all together in one nice binder. The articles are full of health tips, stress busting ideas, and I've added scriptures and poems throughout too so it's like my own perfect magazine!

Project #2: Antique rake jewelry holder (saw idea on Pinterest). Because it's antique, I didn't paint it perfectly so some of the charm could come through...the flower is a simple hair accessory

Project #3: Yarn wreath - made it for Halloween. Again the flowers and orange thing are just hair accessories, the leaves are from a dollar store wreath and simply loop through the yarn that I wrapped around a foam ring. I cut out the bat from cardboard, made it black with a marker and added yellow button eyes. 

Project #4: Napkin rings - Cut up a toilet paper roll into 4 circles, wrapped with fabric, and hot glued on a button. They are so simple and very fashionable for my table.

Project #5: Button craft - added buttons to a doodle drawing I had done a few years ago :)

All in all the staycation was a great success because not only did I get a lot of stuff done but I was able to get my mind off the stressfulness that is going along with my health right now. There is something about being creative that causes me to 'be still' for a time and makes me reflect on how creative our God is...He is the ultimate at making things beautiful. My "Project Staycation" reminded me of that and connected me to Him as I worked on my little projects.

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  1. I absolutely love the rake. It's sooo cute and functional!