Monday, October 28, 2013

A Closer Walk - In His Presence

Day One:

I'll be posting a four day study designed to inspire you by adding a little something to your times with the Lord. The ideas are small but the impact can be big. Have fun!

Over the next few days, I'm going to light a candle when I have my times with God. I'm lighting it to announce..."In this special time, I'm acknowledging your presence, God." (If you don't have a candle, you could also shut your eyes and imagine lighting one in front of you.)

The point is to do something to make sure that you are deeply acknowledging God's presence and not just rushing through blindly in your time reading or praying.

Proverb 20:27 (para) The lamp of the LORD searches the spirit of his children - it searches out their inmost being.

Today I will meditate on this verse above and spend time asking God to search my heart, remove any veils and cut out the negative, the ugly, the hard spots in my heart and character.

Today I also did some keyword searches for scriptures that include 'light' & 'lamp.' So uplifting!
May your day be blessed with God's holy light.

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