Monday, November 12, 2012

An Emotional Margin

Peace instead of stress. Calm instead of 'biting someones head off.' Flexibility instead of rigidness. Being mindful instead of mind full. What is an emotional margin? It's the space that you provide around your emotions so that you can better live Luke 10:27. For me it's a cushion, of sorts, that I should allow myself to have so that I won't be emotionally spent.

Below are 3 points worth reflecting on from a man named Jeff Little of ways to create an emotional margin in your life.

Reflection #1 Manage spending your energy, not your time.
- learn to say no to good opportunities' "Every good opportunity isn't necessarily God's chosen opportunity for your particular season."
- Luke 5:15-16; even Jesus withdrew sometimes

Reflection #2 Restrict those cultural stimulants.
- turn off electronics, news, & social media comparisons instead of drinking from it like a water hose
- get alone with God
- get more time with your family

Reflection #3 Relationships are vital to a healthy emotional margin.
- Romans 12:18; resolve conflicts with others; especially with EGR people (people in your life who you know that there is Extra Grace Required)
- deal with unforgiveness
- limit life-draining people and seek out life-giving people! :D

Cartoon posted last week by becoming minimalist,

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