Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let Go and Fly!

As I got into my car one morning this week, I noticed a wasp crawling around on my passenger side windshield wiper. Being that it was a wasp and not wanting to get stung, I simply made my windshield wipers do one quick swipe. Regrettably, this stubborn little creature did not budge. “Okay, I guess you are going for a ride with me today,” I thought as I pulled out and began driving to the gas station. Every few seconds I found myself checking on the little bug though and watched as it hunkered down with its wings and antennas back. At the gas station, I noticed that my little insect did not move one bit. It did not shift positions as I pumped gas, or as I paid or even as I got back into my car. “It’s dead,” I said to myself and sadness kind of swept over me. My mind raced, “It must have had a little wasp heart attack…makes sense…going 30 miles per hour on a wiper would be pretty scary! Why didn’t it just let go of the windshield wiper instead of holding on so tight?” Soon after this monologue with myself, I gave a little sigh.

As I began to drive back on my original route, I would sadly glance across to the passenger’s side wiper where the bug clung. I pulled up to the red light and suddenly noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. Its antennas wiggled! My heart leapt at the wasp’s perseverance. The wings began to flicker and I cheered for it to let go of the wiper. “Fly, little wasp, fly!” Yes, I believe I even said it aloud. Finally, my little wasp flew off and I was so happy. It seems I had grown quite attached through the whole ordeal.

And where did my next thoughts travel after this little exchange? I pictured how God watches over us (Isaiah 58:11) and looks out for us. He gives us urgings through the Spirit, like little swipes of the windshield wiper, to protect us from the things that could hurt us. I pictured God sad when we choose things that are not good for us then Him cheering when we pick ourselves up. Sometimes God encourages us to let go of certain things we cling too...because He really wants us to fly!

So on a deeper level; I was encouraged to search for anything in my life that I could be clinging to and shouldn’t be. Do you feel the Spirit of God encouraging you to let go of something and fly too? If so, may this little story inspire that change and fly on, my friend!

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