Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Dream List!! [updated]

There have been updates since 2011, so here's a repost!
I want to encourage you to have a dream list that you actually write down and post somewhere!

Write them down... for these are the adventures of your heart. These are YOUR dreams so don't feel like you have to please anyone with them and if no one else "gets them" that's okay! May these be adventures that build memories with God that you can talk about with Him now and in Heaven! My dreams below didn't happen in the order that I originally wrote them so it's good to be flexible. :)

Now, ask yourself, "What did I always want to do as a kid?" Then, start writing.

I will make another strong suggestion. For this list, don't make your dreams contingent on a person. For example, don't write down "to get married, have babies" or "to baptize 150 people in my lifetime." These are great dreams but not the kind I'm talking about here. This is a concept many people struggle with but think WIDE, my friend. These dreams should be those activities you can accomplish that are not contingent on others. These are dreams that, if they don't happen, you will be okay, after all they are just dreams.

I spent time with another blogger and she wrote about her own dream list afterwards. Please check out her blog post about it at High Fashion-Higher Purpose

May you enjoy your ADVENTURES!

Dreams I've completed (this is framed in my home to inspire me). 

  • Willie Nelson concert -  April 2006
  • Finish College  -Nov. 2006
  • Trip to Maine -Nov. 2006
  • Zip-Lining in Alaska -June 2008
  • Hot air balloon -May 2009
  • Vacation to Iceland -June 2010
  • Buy land & home -Sept. 2010
  • Hillsong United concert - March  2011 & Dec. 2011
  • Cheetah Adventure -March  2012
  • Stayed in Tiny Home- March  2013
  • David Garrett concert  - January  2014
Still on my list:
  • Literary & Women's Rights adventure: Thoreau & Walden Pond, Emerson, Hawthorne, Alcott in Concord, Mass.
  • Corrie ten Boom’s home, Haarlem, Netherlands

Another quick tip: when I started traveling I had a shirt made that said, "Destination Diva." I encourage something that might make others ask you questions while you are on your adventures. This has been a great way for me to inspire and has even given me the opportunity to share my faith.

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