Tuesday, May 13, 2014

David Garrett in Concert

Even though I updated my dream list with this accomplishment, I didn't explain much about it so I thought I would now! In October 2013, David Garrett & Lindsey Stirling popped up on my online music list after I typed in "Rock Violin." I was hooked, since the violin is probably my favorite instrument, and searched for videos of them playing.

Here are my favorites 
It was all God's timing that I found out David Garrett was coming in concert because often these artists don't tour the U.S.
The very day I found out he was coming here on tour I bought tickets for myself and my parents. We had a great time! He often walks down the isles and since I had an isle seat, he walked right by and I was able to watch him play up close! He's amazingly talented. I was able to snag some photos his PR site put online from the nights event. Anyway, I like to share about artists that we don't always here about in America. Hope you enjoy taking a listen!

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