Monday, October 7, 2013

Homestudy Update

I had my adoption home-study this week. It's one of the last pieces I need to be certified. It was exciting and fun plus stressful and time consuming to get ready. I thought it would take them a bit more time to process my paperwork, but I was wrong because they moved very quickly.

Even though it was not a "must" to have the room set up, I felt it was important to show that I've given a lot of thought and am prepared. The lovely caseworker mentioned that she was glad to see it done so I was pleased that I worked so hard.

The home-study was supposed to take 1.5 hrs but stretched into 3hrs! Lots of questions, lots of laughter, a few tears shed by me and a deep sigh of relief. Questions ranged from my family's parenting style when I was growing up and of my own parenting style. There were questions of my practical plans all the way to odd questions (at least to me) of did you attend your high school prom and what was your very happiest moment growing up and what did you learn from it.

During this whole process, I've been talking with two wonderful women who went through the certifications classes with me and am so thankful we get to update each other on our progress. They REALLY understand the excitement, nerves, and hopes I carry and I'm grateful for their support. They are support & friends I've been praying for. :) 

The lovely caseworker said it would take her about 2 weeks to write up her report and find out answers on a few questions. So what am I to do in the meantime? WELL, I'm resting, I'm looking for a photographer that can take some fresh shots of me for my adoption profile book, and I'm going to enjoy the peace of the ordinary days that have come back upon me for the time being.

I'm also taking a small girls trip! Woo-hoo. Can't wait!!

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