Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Closer Walk - Love

Day Four:

Song of Solomon 8:7says that many waters cannot quench love; rivers can not wash it away.

I know that God sees a beauty within each of us that will escape most people. God's love and heart for you is as passionate as Solomon's words to his beloved! Nothing can quench His love for you...think about it...rivers cannot wash His love away! 

Today, I took out a piece of paper and drew hearts all over it. (about silver-dollar size) On each one, I wrote something unique and beautiful about me. Care to join me? You are God's! You are cherished, pampered, and held close. I pray you will meditate and secure these 'hearts' in your spirit as a positive re-enforcement to fight any negativity you hear or feel.

If times are particularly hard right now for you and you are having trouble thinking of stuff...ask someone you are close to if they would share something they see as unique and beautiful about you. It's not prideful...sometimes we just get so beat down that we forget the facts.

I hope your day is flooded with God's love.

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