Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Get Ur Good On"

Being a plan ahead type of person, (forgive me for bringing this holiday up so quickly after the new year - ha ha) I've been looking to find a way to serve for Valentine's day. I'm single and want to be in love yet I know deep down there are people who need more love than me! Also, I am a huge believer that we are called to serve in more ways than just giving our contribution/tithe, serving other brothers & sisters, and doing the events church sets up for us.

One book changed my life in this area. It's called Crazy Love: Overwhlemed by a Relentless God authored by Francis Chan. I read the book at least 2 years ago and liked it because of it's challenges and because of it's multi-media aspects. Here's the website:

Chapter 7 brought up the question: What are you doing right now in your life that requires faith? I realized I hadn't really been stretching myself much so one Wednesday after work I decided I was tired of going through the same routine. I wanted to help people. I wanted to do something that required faith. I wanted to know my neighbors and the people in my community. I didn't want to go to midweek and just talk about it. I had my life cut open in this book and it didn't really look as passionate as the disciples I read about in the bible. So I sat on my stairs and prayed. Basically, my prayer was..."God, I'm not moving until you tell me how you want me to reach my community and my neighbors."

Now, I don't know how God communicates to you but with me...when I'm in prayer... it's either scriptures or what I can only describe as a 'knowing.' So God put something on my mind. After that thought...I asked him, "Are you sure you want me to do that, God?" It was almost like He replied, "Why did you ask if you were just going to question me?" So - I obeyed. I went to the computer, set up a new email address, drove to the grocery store, bought shoe polish and did this:

It says, "Struggles? email"

Then I went to midweek service. LOL. Something amazing happened over the next few weeks. People actually emailed me!! I was able to share my faith and encourage them. One girl who emailed me even came out to an all women's bible talk. I remember driving in tears after a woman pulled into the fast lane beside me, honked, and kept mouthing...pray for my grandmother! Yes, people are so desperate they will email a stranger, pour out their lives, and ask for prayer. Wow! After that I also began mentoring at the YWCA in a program for young women who had aged out of foster care.

Thinking of Valentine's day, what love is, and my little car ministry, I'm simply reminded that people are in need. So today I'm searching again. Here's one of the most important things we tend to forget...we forget to ask God what HE wants us individually to do or how HE wants us to personally serve. He might not want you to write on the back of your car. God is creative so there's no telling what He will come up with...but I bet it's amazing and I'll bet since He knows you and your talents best that it'll be perfect for you. He is probably just waiting on you to ask. "Amazing Lord, who do you want me to serve and how?"

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