Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Refreshing Others"

A Proverbs 11:25 approach to encouraging your "Special Person"

My book, which starts out with the sentence above, was inspired by this proverb that reads, "The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed." I don't recall exactly what was going on in my life all those years ago but I remember seeing the word 'refreshed' and thinking that was just what I needed. God is a giver. I want to be a giver too. So I began looking for ways to refresh those around me and truthfully I have been refreshed. The gift and date ideas you read in this blog are some of the creative ideas God blessed me with during those times. And that is also a little background to the gift idea below.

I have made appreciation bowls or jars for lots of women. Whether fresh in the faith or seasoned in our faith, there are times in our walk with God when we need some thing to add variety to our daily times. The slips of paper with scripture can be anything you think would meet the need of a special woman in your life. You can use these or make your own...my goal was to make some a bit challenging and others inspiring.

Feel free to email or forward this article (blog) using the icons below. This way if those you want to encourage are not local, then you can encourage them just to read one a day. I have seen many grow and get refreshed as they go through these ideas...enjoy! :)

Appreciation Bowl

This gift is a great idea for those who have either recently decided to begin a relationship with God or have been in a relationship with God for many years and just need a new way to connect.

Directions for gift giver:
Cut items into slips of paper
Place in beautiful bowl or jar of your choice

Directions for your Special Person:
Pull one each day for discipline
Pick only one a day for patience
No exchanges for trust

Sometime today, spend 5 min. in silence with God. Habakkuk 2:20

Meet someone new. Go out of your way to be friendly in a situation where you would normally be shy. James 3:17

List your greatest fears on paper. Afterwards read Ps. 91 and pick out verse to fight off these fears.

What is one thing you could use some advice? Seek it. Proverb 19:20, Proverb. 18:15, Proverb 2:2-5

Do you have any bitterness towards anyone? Find a verse on grace and one on forgiveness.

Write "Satan, the Lord rebuke you!" on the bottom of your shoes. Stomp your feet down and walk all over him today. Jude 9

Close your eyes, sing God a song, and picture Him in front of you.
Remember how much he loves your voice. See Him smile as you praise Him. Ps. 108:1

Read Ps. 33 Praise Him and tell him all about your love and thankfulness.

Call those who shepherd/mentor your walk with God and encourage them. They need refreshing too. Heb. 13:7

Sit down with Jesus. Have a casual chat with Him about your day. Matthew 11:28-30

Go outdoors and pray to God, either now or at night, looking up at the sky. Think about the miracles God has done in your life. Ps. 77:14

Write down five character changes God has made in you and one more you want to work on. Pray and study it out today. 2 peter 1:5-7

Give something away to a brother, sister, or the poor. Proverb 28:27

Leave a note for someone in your household or workplace telling them three things you admire in their life. Proverb 11:25

Pray for the churches around the world, the ones who are persecuted, and the people risking their lives for Christ. Col. 1:3-7

Memorize a scripture about faith, love, hope, perseverance, surrender or any other you see is needed in your life and share it with someone today (by memory).

Stretch and reach up for God. Picture Him sweeping any dust from your heart. Blow Him a kiss. Deuteronomy 30:6

Write down anything that is challenging to your walk with God. Pray to him specifically about that some time today and read Exodus 14:14

Be a secret giver over the next few days. Matthew 6:3-4

Take a prayer walk today. Praise God for what you see and who He is in your life. Psalm 24

Need a “spiritual pedicure”? Find a way to share a scripture with someone today. Isaiah 52:7

Call someone and ask him or her to pray with you or set up a time of bible reading or prayer with someone for tomorrow. Ecclesiastes 4:9

Take 5 min. & imagine that everything you have has a gift tag that reads, “With love, from God” James 1:17

Be a daydreamer and think about heaven today. What do you picture? What do you hope? What do you think it will be like the moment you meet Jesus? What is the first thing you will do when you see God? What can you not wait to tell Him? Matthew 6:21

Go to a quiet place. Stretch for 5 minutes and reflect on 1 Timothy 4: 7-8

Go out of your way to meet the need of someone else in the next few days like the woman in 2 Kings 4:8-10

Write a short psalm that lists how God listens, speaks, touches, sees, and helps you.

Draw two hearts on a piece of paper. On the first one, write down something you would like to get rid of in your heart. Now in the second write the opposite (positive) heart you are going to strive to carry.
Read Ezekiel 36: 25-26 and pray about having this new heart.

Find a special prayer place. If you already have one, go there and pray. Daniel 6:6-11

Pray for the churches around the world – Daniel 9:19

Jezreel – means God plants. Write down five positive qualities Jesus' life has made grow in you. Hosea 2:22

Read Joel 3:14. So many people are lost. Whom can you pray for and help? Pray for God to make this person obvious.

Anna – Luke 2:36-38 this prophetess spoke about Jesus to others. How often have you been sharing about Jesus to the lost or even your brothers and sisters?

Keep on praying! Matthew 7:7-11. Write down three things you will pray for consistently for the next three days.

Pray for five specific people to become closer to God. Acts 26:28-29

Hebrews 10:21-22 When is the last time you reflected deeply on Jesus? Think about two qualities of his that amazes you find stories in the bible to match those and read them.

Ephesians 5:2 Think of someone who could use a little extra love and go after doing something to meet that need today.

1 John 1:9 Are there any sins that you have not confessed over the past few days? Find someone to confess them to and pray with them.

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