Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Don’t need a ring to sing...

…or a mate to be great.

Sharing a "note" I wrote on fb from November 14, 2011 at 5:20pm

     Okay, first let's get one thing straight...I'm in no way anti-marriage. If you know me at all you know that finding that special man is a desire of my heart. Yet...God seems to have me on a different path right now and so I’m just being surrendered to that.
   This is what’s bothering me. Where are all the strong, happy, women who just happen to be single? Even when I need my own inspiration, I have trouble finding these women. I’m not talking about extreme feminism; I’m just searching for single women like me who are really trying to live their life with joy and not get their self-worth from dating or having a husband. I know there are women who are dreaming big and recognize that being single isn't some kind of a curse. Where are you? Can you speak up more, please? Blog writer Mandy Hale wrote once that if anything, the word "single" seemed to carry a stigma with it; of being unwanted, unlovable, and undesired. If I were a cursing woman, I’d say that’s more than boloney.

     I’m not looking for the Eat, Pray, Love women who talk about finding themselves but oh, then I found a man and things are all better. I’m not talking about the ‘oh let me tell you about when I was single’ ladies either cause those stories don’t help me. I’m talking about the never-married-so-far-gals…about the Susan B’s, Corrie ten Booms, or can I just get a down to earth variety of Ms. O? Maybe we’re not a Joan of Arc, fighting battles that change the course of history, surely though we can at least try to influence outdated thinking. Right now, you can find almost anything on the internet...but even finding websites that celebrate ‘us’...Harder than you think.

     However, I've found a few lately....after much searching so I thought I’d share them since I know I’m not alone. I found one blog FOR single women who own their own home. Oooh that’s me! I also found the young women in her late twenties, Mandy Hale, who fights to celebrate being a happy single woman.

      (*sigh) I don’t even like that the biggest category I’m placed in is SINGLE but America…we do love our labels.  Anyway, again, ladies, where are you? Can you speak up more, please? I need some inspiration too.

      To quote some of Ms. Hale’s version of Martina McBride’s this one’s for the girls: This one’s for the girls who believe in love, but also believe in themselves. The ones that have looked settling in the eye and walked away. The ones who aren’t afraid to be late bloomers. The ones who boldly chart their own path…even if it doesn’t include a white picket fence. (amb - unless of course we decide to put one up - ha) The ones, who hope for romance but with or without it, crank up the music and DANCE. The ones who refuse to be grounded by the unaccompanied journey – but realize that those who fly solo often have the strongest wings. The ones who know it takes guts and heart and courage to walk a mile in a single woman’s shoes – and sometimes a fabulous pedicure. The girls who don’t allow their joy to depart simply because love hasn’t yet arrived.
Or as one shirt put it

Single is ~ Living happily ever after…right now!

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