Friday, November 16, 2012

Themed Letter: Under the Sea

I've been in a 'writing' kind of mood lately so even though it's only been about two or three weeks since my last electronic email letter to Purity, I thought it would be nice to send her another handwritten and arranged package.

I went to a local dollar store and found some stickers that matched paper in a correspondence kit Jill, over at the blog Daily Bread, sent me. I decided to have a 'Sea' themed package for Purity. Included are my handwritten letter on 'sea' paper, sea animal stickers and coloring pages plus a learn to draw page of a starfish.

There are two items though that I'm the most excited about which are the 'Friends' picture of Purity and I together and the mazes. Our pictures are laminated on orange paper because orange is her favorite color. On the back I wrote the quote "Friendship is a sheltering tree." The mazes are exciting because of the font I found called "Mazey." You can get it on the website FontStruct. This is a FREE font you can download. You just need to have the caps lock on and the font size high then you can type any word and this brilliant font creates a long custom maze! I highlighted the words mine spells (which doesn't solve the puzzle because the 'halls' that make the letters aren't the complete path to make it from start to finish). I hope the maze will make her feel special and be fun for her to work on.

As Kate Elwell, blogger over at Kids enRoute, mentioned on my previous post, getting these children's letters has a way of lifting your spirits when you are low. Also, as I create little packages to send Purity I'm able to cast aside all the drama that comes along in my own life and focus on what's important. Loving others.

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