Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Stars Were Magical

Even at the edge of the city it's not often I can see many stars but last night was different. I had a very long day. The time change hasn't done much to help my IH. I feel as though I've almost lost an hour while most people gained because now I'm sleepy around 7:30pm. Last night I went straight from work to dinner with my good friend, Ivonne. For this reason and that, we'd not seen each other for almost a month. After a much needed and very inspiring girl's time, I drove home talking to another good friend, Angie, that I've been wanting to catch up with too! We talked well over an hour but it was so refreshing and I really needed that.

Finally, around 9:45 I got cozy in bed and shut my eyes. Which popped open suddenly when I remembered I'd not set out the trash. *moan* Since I had also forgotten to set it out last week, I knew it couldn't wait so I got dressed and went to the garage to begin rolling bins out to the curb.

The cool wind hit me as the garage door rolled up and I sighed a great big "God you're awesome" type of sign. Then I stepped out and looked up.

"WHOA! Stars." There were no clouds, the sky was the darkest blue and these bright stars made me stop in my steps. After a few seconds, I went and got the second bin, parked it by its 'buddy' at the curb then walked over to the mailbox because I'd also forgotten to check the mail.

"What's this? What's this!" The second envelope I pulled out had these words printed on it, "A message from your sponsored child." I literally clutched it to my heart, looked up again and that's the moment the stars were magical. I could almost see God pause to smile and look down at my beaming face. Connection. The night was full of connection! My friends, with God, and with little Purity.

This is my first 'letter' from this little 8 year old and I wanted to share it with you :) Purity speaks and a woman there, by the name of Faith, writes it for her. On the back side of the letter I learn that Purity's grandma's name is Rebecca, her sister's name is Damaris and her best friend's name is Joy! Her best game is skipping rope, her favorite song is "Tesu wewe ni mkuu" or "Jesus, You are great," her favorite food - pancakes, best subject is English, best bible story is Samuel and her fav color...orange. I'm linking up with Blogging From The Boonies’ Mail Call Monday so if you want to see more stories about the letters other sponsors are getting, go and check it out.

Purity says hello and wants to know how you are doing and also your family. Purity says she feels highly favored and bless to have you as her sponsor and most of all a good friend. She says that she will forever pray for you for God to keep and sustain you (under?) his mercies. She says that you are an angel sent from above by God to help and be a friend to them. God bless you. Prayer request: Purity would like you to pray for her elderly grandmother and her sister too.


  1. That's so awesome. The spirit totally led you outside to be refreshed!

  2. Really beautiful story. Thanks for sharing! I love the way Compassion letters have of picking me up when I'm low.