Monday, October 1, 2012

Purity Karimi

This girl = amazing potential!
Purity Karimi lives in Kenya about 25 miles north of Meru. It's a desert community of an estimated 38,000 where the homes are constructed with dirt floors, wood walls, and tin roofs. She lives in an area considered high risk for exploitation and abuse.

She stays with three other children and her grandma, who is sometimes employed as a farmer. Purity's main household chore is carrying water. She's 8 years old, in 2nd grade, and her favorite activity is running.

I found her story while looking on the website called CompassionMy spirit was moved when I saw her! I looked at photos and stories of other children too, because there are truly so many in need, yet my eyes kept falling back on her picture, with her gentle smile and small frame. She's in a Compassion program at the St. Mathews Child Development Center. From what I know so far, this center provides her bible studies, health screenings, sports and social clubs, computer training, tuition, tree planting activities, and arts & crafts. They also have income-generating activities for her guardian.

After two hours of prayer and some research on the company, the decision was made - I became hers. I am now her sponsor. Today I'm beaming to follow the Spirit and I know I will have to trust God to help me encourage her, love her, and be there for her in whatever way I can.

I should get a packet in the mail with more information soon...yay! I can't wait to share with you as it all unfolds. I'm excited to get the honor of writing her and sometimes I'll get letters from her too, which I will treasure. You might have already wondered, "How much is it to sponsor?" Beloved, it's only $38 a month. Honestly, most women spend that for a mani/pedi or a new pair of shoes each month! It is possible...maybe you could share sponsorship with your best friend or maybe your small group at church can sponsor a child together? I hope you'll pray about it. :) Oh, there is one other thing "Compassion" does ask ...they ask for PRAYERS! That's also going to be a blessing for have this little one and her family to pray for specifically.

Wanna see the impact being a sponsor can make?! This inspiring video has young adults, who completed the program, sharing what a difference having a sponsor made in their lives - Click: "One Act"

To see other children longing for a sponsor & their stories (some have been waiting for a sponsor for well over a year!) click: Compassion

Won't you check it out? I know by faith that the right people for these children will read this post and decide to sponsor and help release a child from doubt, hurt, & poverty, in Jesus' name!  

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
~Matthew 19:14

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  1. Oh what a sweet girl - she is so blessed to have you as her sponsor!!