Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Deeper Thoughts of DIY

So I'm into wrapping random jars with yarn lately. This is a picture of my most recent 'jar wrapping' for some bathroom items like make-up brushes and cotton balls. (No worries the decanter holds my mouthwash, not liquor - *grin*)

When doing DIY projects, especially ones that are redundant like wrapping jars in yarn, I can start reflecting: "What am I all 'wrapped up' in right now?" and alternatively, "What should I be wrapping around me?"

Lately, I've been wrapped up in the stress and politics of work. ARG! No matter how many health articles I read, I can feel stress affecting me and damaging my health. What should I be wrapping around me? I can only think of one name: The Prince of Peace...Jesus. (Isaiah 9:6) But I have trouble doing that with all this noise and drama. So I'm fighting hard for it, pray for me please.

One key scripture I'm focusing on is: Colossians 3:15, "And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts..."

I'm also taking time to shut my eyes and focus on a powerful historical account in the bible...Jesus calming the storm. As I focus on Jesus bringing his calm to that storm, I find my body relaxing. I have started to repeat to myself, "Jesus calmed the storm" and it fits perfectly in my situations and is giving me peace.

What do you do to bring yourself back to to a place of peace?
Any tips you use at work to shake of the drama?

Please share your wisdom!

DIY instructions: To do these jars, simply tie the yarn in a knot around the top lip, take strips of double stick tape and place them the length of the jar then start wrapping! Once you get to the end of your yarn, secure it to the glass with a little bit of hot glue and embellish.

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