Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Vacation Planning

Are you ready to get out there yet and travel? Well, here are three steps to get you started:

Decide the details: The reason most people don't get from dreaming to doing is because their destination is vague. In December 2009, as more of a mental vacation verses serious planning, I began crafting a DIY Icelandic vacation. By researching where I would stay and what activities I'd do, I realized it was less expensive than I could have ever imagined. So I started praying, started saving and was able to take that trip just 6 months later! You can't budget when you don't know what you are budgeting for so deciding the details gives you smaller, reachable goals.

Travel Group or Travel Solo: Maybe you could use a vacation packed with fellowship or maybe your greatest need is to get away on a vacation with just you and God? Break ground and start asking friends if they would be interested in traveling with you or look into travel groups like all singles groups, women only, or travel groups by age. A single mom I spoke with had a brilliant revelation and realized there is actually an alumni travel group at the college where she graduated. If you are considering a trip alone with God, think about contacting the local church and getting advice about safety, accommodation suggestions or maybe even a little assistance. Vacations with you and God are incredibly special and uniquely fun. Either way, you have options! 

Save: Look at the total cost (lodging, flights/car rentals, food & activities etc.) and come up with a savings plan. Fear not! Most of us can't jet-set across the world in a moments notice however with a little planning you can be at your destination before you know it (especially when you are saving for something that excites your heart). I set up an excel spreadsheet because it calculates everything for me. Pray a bunch during this time. If something comes up that eats into your savings a bit, remember that it is okay if it doesn't happen on your exact time schedule. Try to stay surrendered to God and his timing. He'll help to make things fall into place as he sees fit.

It's amazing to think that with a little DIY planning one day and these three little action steps, that in six months I was in Iceland! That was two years What an adventure!

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