Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trusting in my Lord

Yeah, so I'm pretty calm. At least, that's how I mentally "feel" and of course, this is exactly why we as people can't live life based only off feelings. HA! If it wasn't for my body acting like a train-wreck, I probably wouldn't even realize how deeply my mind and body are stressed. Right now I have a quick heart beat, am hearing my pulse in my ears, busy mind = lack of sleep, and my joints keep popping suddenly so I must be tense! Of course, with all the life changes I've written about lately, this is probably understandable...

The body is SO amazing in how God's designed it to send us "signals" even when our minds are saying, "eh, no biggie." 

But because of how I'm doing physically, I've had to make some decisions for the rest of the week to help make certain I'm protecting my emotional & physical health! So below are some of the things I decided to do: 
  • Dates with God: I'm having dates with God this week so that I can pour my heart out and settle in next to Him better. I don't think we are talking enough! Psalm 62:8 Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.
  • Coffee & Cozy's: I've decided to meditate on the scriptures about "trust" in the bible. My focus will be on trust, trust, trust. 
  • Get the stress out! Walk on my treadmill, every night this week...even if it's just a stroll. And playing with the cats more. Also, listen to extremely calm music and only watch tv shows/movies that do not have emotional pulls. I can't get all worked up about things that are fiction or that I can do nothing about...
  • Breathe: I keep noticing that my breathing is very shallow right now. In fact, I've had to write a note on my hand to breathe...which has been working well today, since each time I notice it I take a deep breathe and sigh. 
Anyway, thanks for everyone's prayers. I wanted to share how I'm doing. This month has been just plain WILD...but hey, deep down...I've always loved ADVENTURES! I just need to really cling to God right now and focus on trusting Him more.  

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