Monday, November 18, 2013

Extra Time in God's Midst

I found ideas for spending a personal day with God. I wish I had a full day to retreat but the holiday season does not often lend me that honor. Yet, because I tend to get really worn out this time of the year (can you relate?) I do long for more time with Him! 

Believe it or not, different amounts of time can pop up in our day, so I thought I'd share some ideas of ways to draw toward God when it happens! 

Only have 5 extra minutes alone?
  • set an alarm so you don't have to worry about the time and pray
  • listen to a song that inspires you...and close your eyes
  • write a list of things you are thankful for - as many as you can in 5 min. 
  • draw a picture of you hugging Jesus...really, go ahead! It doesn't matter if you are great at drawing; all that matters is changing your focus!
  • or maybe you need to focus on "being" not "doing" - take some time to "be still" and recognize God as God 
  • if it's at night, go out and gaze at God's beautiful stars, moon, or nighttime sky 

Only have 10 to 15 extra minutes alone? 
  • go on a prayer walk around the block
  • sit quietly for a moment then journal a response to the question: "What am I learning, or could God be trying to teach me, in the things going on in my life right now? 
  • take a moment and do some prayer stretching! Examples: Reach as high as you can and praise God in worship, stretch your arms as wide as you can and pray about being open to God's word, stand and stretch your chin to your chest while sharing with God how grateful you are to be His...
  • remember...reflect on the moments that God began to reveal himself to you through the Word, remember your baptism, remember joy, relief, peace...remember His love for you.
  • consider not talking and just be in silence for 10-15 minutes with a focus on listening for God or just enjoying his presence.

Only have 20 or 30 extra minutes alone? 
  • read through one of the smaller books in the New Testament. Devour it whole! Some great examples are Philippians, Colossians, James, 1 John or Jude.
  • take a look at a story from the bible you love and read it very slowly...picture what you are reading like you were watching a movie.
  • spend some time praying wide. Look on a map and pick a country you've never been to or prayed for...pray for the country and the people there, pray about Jesus' love spreading there.
  • is there something you need to get off your heart? Pour out your heart in a journal or internal prayers to God

Well, right now I have about an hour before an evening work event, so I'm off to grab hold of the extra time God's given me. Can't wait!!!

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