Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Warm Blanket

A Psalm (inspired by psalm 5)

May your ear turn to me and hear my small voice among the many, O Lord... all this stuff going on makes me sigh. My spirit, heart, mind and voice cry to you, Lord, for help. Because you are my steady companion, my prayers are to you alone.

This morning, as you do each daybreak my Elohim, you turn in such compassion to me; it's during these special times that I lay my requests at your feet and look up waiting in expectation. You are not a God who finds happiness in evil. The wicked can't even dwell with you. Only the humble, resting in Christ, can stand in your presence. Never the arrogant - you hate all who do wrong. You tear down those who tell lies, men and women who are greedy to hurt, greedy for riches and power, the deceitful God regards with disgust.

But me! By your wonderful and beautiful mercy alone, I get to dwell in you and in your house. In honor and in reverence I get down on my knees before you. Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness - see my enemies - make your way straight before my path, lay out the way and pave it for me. Not a word from my enemy's mouth; not an action or gesture can be trusted; their hearts are filled with things that lead to destruction. You are Judge...let their intrigues, their secret planning, fail if their hopes are to hurt your faithful ones.

But let everyone who takes refuge in you be confident; let us always sing for joy about you. Spread like a blanket warmed from the dryer, your protection over us so that those who love you may be warm and secure. Because God, I know you bless the righteous and surround us with your favor and you walk before me as a King with a fortified shield.

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