Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ocean Sunrise

Picture this: Your blanket spread out underneath you along the cool morning sand of the beach. As you look toward the ocean, light pinks mixed with dark clouds are brightening along the horizon and you see the dawn waking up the day. Sounds of birds begin singing praises in the distance and you feel the wind begin to move in its a.m. stretching routine across the earth.

Ahhh...I wish I could write that I'm on the beach right now, listening to the waves crash and the gulls call but I'm actually just sitting on my couch listening to a health & fitness music channel through my TV. Yet a section of songs has come on called "Ocean Sunrise" and I'm inspired.

The mix of new age sounds with ocean waves and birds chirping is so perfect that my creativity to write a psalm is sparked.

Posted by Vinda Ho t

Psalm of the Ocean Sunrise 

My Lord, you are vast and great. You wear the morning like a King and the dawn is a fitting procession to your majesty each day. My soul is stirred. You have created thousands of sunrises, each unique. At the edge of the land, looking across the mirrors infinity. The moon is escaping behind me with the night and makes way for your brilliant sun. The birds of the air are praising you...I will join them.

This vast water is crowded with creatures of the deep. A whole world of its own! May everything praise you. You are fully here! I am only like a speck of sand on this beach in the drawing out of earth's days but you love me! I believe you and take you at your word. Your dreams for us are grander than we can ever imagine for ourselves. As the wind rushes across my skin, I feel the Spirit move and I'm chilled with excitement.

You are God! Elohim. Thank you for our life together! Thank you for this sunrise today - even just in my heart. I love you.

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