Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Hummingbird

I thought I'd share a story with you from a few years ago. Enjoy!

It was a gorgeous and cool morning. I decided to open the balcony door to let in fresh air as I got ready for work. While putting on makeup, I heard a strange buzzing sound from the living room. I walked in and looked up to find a little hummingbird buzzing around my 10-foot vaulted ceiling. " what?"

I decided to make the apartment as dark as possible, except for one open door, and hope the bird would know to fly “toward the light.” After darkening my apartment and calling my dad for reassurance, I went back to the other room to continue my morning routine. A few minutes later, the buzzing stopped. “Yay,” I thought, “the hummingbird must have left.” I went back into the living room, looked the place over, and saw no bird. Perfect.

Minutes later, I went to the kitchen and was shocked to pour my cereal, glance up, and see the hummingbird sitting on the kitchen bar with its wings spread wide. So I got as close as I could to take a picture on my camera phone. (After all, how often do these things happen?) As I was taking the picture, I noticed the bird's breathing was extremely heavy. At that moment, it looked at me as if to say "Help!" It was really in distress and very overheated. I walked carefully into the bedroom to grab a small mesh towel then quietly over to it again and reached out. I expected the bird to take off but instead this fast little “hummer” let me pick it up! I cradled it to me, carried it outside to the balcony, and opened my hands. It sat there for a second or two then flew off. It was truly beautiful. To this day, I feel very blessed to have been able hold this soft, delicate creature of God in my hands!

So the lesson I learned? Well, I am a 'do-it-yourself kind of gal' but that morning helped me remember that just like this little hummingbird, sometimes I can get myself in situations I just can't seem to get out of...sometimes we need to trust enough to let others help us. Have you had something hard going on lately? Maybe you've been wearing yourself out trying to 'fix' things all on your own? If so, I hope you take to heart the lesson to me from God's little bird and let someone help you too. :)

actual picture from that morning- wow!

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