Monday, October 8, 2012

Gift Ideas - Uses for Small Photo Albums

We've all seen those small, single sleeve albums for photos. Well, there are so many more ways you can use these for gifts besides pictures. Here are three simple ideas.

Cook Book
You can make this for yourself or it's also great for a young woman who might be getting her first place or newly married. I remember when I moved away from home. It was the simple things about cooking that were so nice to have written down somewhere!
  • In a photo book, insert some note cards with your favorite recipes or cooking tips.
  • If your album flips up, list all the ingredients on one side then write cooking instructions on the side that shows once you flip it. or...
  • If your album opens like a book, then write the ingredients on the left and the preparation instructions on the right.
This is also a great way to keep track of new recipes and not worry about them being lost or smudging while cooking. Mom made me one of these photo cookbooks and I so appreciated it! (Probably because I called her all the time and asked her how to make something as simple as her awesome cornbread. ha)

Quote Book
  • In the first photo slot, write a cute title or “Quote Book” and the person’s name.
  • Print  (or write) famous, inspiring quotes. You can cut around them with decorative scissors then lightly tape these quotes to creative stationary and slide them into the individual slots.
    **Variations: - tell a funny story by using pictures you cut out from magazines or newspapers
The Book of You 
  • On colorful paper, write different qualities you appreciate about your special person.  
  • Slide each piece of paper in it's own sleeve to create a book of encouragement for them to pull out when times are hard.

But wait! There's more. LOL. Here's a slightly different idea I found. You take a simple CD case with sleeves and turn it into a photo album, cook book, quote book or encouragement gift too. I thought you'd appreciate the possibilities. So cute!


I hope you enjoy the ideas and get the chance to use it to encourage someone you love and appreciate!

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