Monday, August 20, 2012

Whenever Our Hearts Condemn Us

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My hypersomnia was really been beating me up the past two days. I've been doing some serious sleeping and I ended up missing church :(

So to stay fed spiritually and be on the same page with my brothers and sisters, I listen to last Sunday's message from when I was out of town for dad's 65th birthday. It was so refreshing...literally a hug for my heart!

The message is called, "How do you know?" and is specifically for those who are actively following Christ since the new testament letters are written to Christians and not those who are lost. I hope you'll give it a listen. Click this link: How Do You Know and then select the August 12, 2012 sermon by Jason Lugo.

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  1. Such a great message. The analogy of a standby passenger vs. confirmed hit so close to home. We can be sure, be at rest & peace, and tell others because we know where we're going. Thank you fog posting about it. :)