Monday, August 13, 2012

DeCluttering: Days 4 & 5

I'm finishing up my 5 days of decluttering. I wasn't able to complete them in a week's time as I originally hoped but life happens and I'm happy to say I'm finishing it now.

Sock drawer before

 Sock drawer after

 Under kitchen sink before

Although not ideal, I found a small leak while decluttering under the sink. There seemed to be a lesson in that...the importance of clearing out the clutter in my physical life and reminder to keep my spiritual life clear of clutter too because things 'leak in' and cause trouble! :) As you can see in the picture above, the previous owners (or the realtor) had covered up old damage with vinyl tile so it looked 'clean' though it wasn't clean. I removed everything, bleached it all and now it's clean but it's not pretty! *sign* Guess, sometimes that is just the way it goes. Ultimately I know it's good that I found it especially before it got worse.

 Under kitchen sink after

All my lessons learned from the decluttering challenge?
  • To think about my motives for making purchases
  • To focus on my treasure in heaven instead of my treasure on earth
  • To declutter both my physical and spiritual life in search of bad things 'leaking' in and causing hidden damage.
Practical: Spend some time physically & spiritually decluttering your life this week.

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