Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Journal Ideas

This is a simple subject but since there are so many invigorating benefits to using a journal it seems appropriate to give this topic its own little post. Do you have a journal? Do you have tons? HA. There are so many different kinds of journals you can keep. Some ideas are:

  • one of lessons you've heard or bible studies you have done
  • a journal about all the things you are grateful for from day to day
  • one with just your prayers for others (I knew a woman once who did this and would write the date next to answered prayers. She'd look back on it when her faith was a little low)
  • a journal of your thoughts and recording the day
  • a journal without words; if you are extremely visual, have a journal of pictures, articles you've cut out of magazines, or drawings to inspire you

Personally, mine tend to be words with pictures thrown in them and some doodles. I purchase small ones so they fit in my purse and I can write or paste in a picture whenever inspiration strikes. Mostly, I journal and talk to God...sometimes to spice things up I read a psalm and rewrite it in my own words and situations. Options are bountiful! For me, the best aspect of keeping a journal has been to be able to pick one up when times are hard and get refreshed.

I did research and found other approaches for getting your mind flowing when using a journal:
  1. Summarize your day in 20 words or less.
  2. Write out, print, or paste the lyrics to your favorite songs into your journal. (maybe see if you can find any scriptures that might match that theme)
  3. Every day write the best thing that happened that day.
  4. Write one thing you should really stop doing then find motivating quotes, scriptures, or write prayers about it. On other days write about all the positive changes you've made and how far you've come!
  5. Include quotations by your favorite famous person, or someone you admire.
  6. Record important news from the day and journal prayers about it.
  7. Write down 3 things that you’re thankful for each day and why.
  8. Record ideas for a bible subject you'd like to teach about and then study it out.
  9. Going through a rough time? Every once and awhile, go ahead and journal about it. Be real! King David was when writing his psalms. Just try to get back to the positive when you can.
  10. Look at something around you and describe it thoroughly. Don't just talk about the way it looks. How does it smell, taste and feel?
  11. Make lists of people that have inspired you and pray for them.
  12. If you could tell your younger self positive things, what would they be? Journal about it.
Want more thoughts on how journaling helps? Check this out: 100 Benefits of Journaling written by: John Robson and Patrice Steen

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