Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gift Ideas: decorative boxes

Here are two more ideas of gifts you can make with decorative boxes.

Memory Box: This is a great gift that allows someone to know all the special memories you have with them.

  • Find a box that will hold an estimated 30-50 strips of paper and has a matching lid.
  • Decorate this box to reflect the personality of your special person
  • In some way, label the container as “Memory Box.”
  • On a sheet of paper, write or type fond memories you have of your special person 
  • Cut the memories in strips of paper. You can use either straight cuts or using scrapbook scissors.
  • Fold each strip in half and place them in the box.

      ** Variation: jars and bowls make great containers as well.

Trust Box: We all need reminders to trust God. This little box can be just the reminder for a friend's desk or home office.

  • Find a box that is at least the length of a pen and decorate it. For a nice touch, stencil the box to read one of the following declarations or a variation that suits your purpose:
    • Trust Box
    • Let Go and Let God
    • I surrender…
  • Take nice pieces of stationary paper and cut them into strips.
  • Place a pen inside and give your special person one note card explaining that they are to write worries, prayer requests, and troubling situations on the pieces of paper whenever they are feeling stressed and place them in the box. Usually, I suggest that once they place something in this box they are to remember to let go of it in their hearts and minds. Whenever they are tempted to 'think and worry' about it they should remember, "Nope! It's in the box." 

Currently, I'm searching for a box to use as my trust box. :) For additional ideas see the previous post: Gift Ideas: little boxes

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