Monday, January 2, 2012

Gift Ideas: little boxes

I gave this as a mother's day gift and it turned out amazing. She really enjoyed it.

Travel Box - Give your someone a mental vacation!

  • Decorate a plain box with travel pictures from the internet, vacation brochures, books, magazines, or clip art.
  • Print or make copies of several places you would like to take your SP. In addition, look up attractions or activities to do in that area.
  • Glue a picture of each place on the blank side of a note card. Then, on the lined side, write down the itinerary for a trip to this location.
Example: “If I could take you anywhere for (event...e.g. Mother’s Day, birthday), then I would take you to Italy. We would stay in the (name of the hotel) and rent bikes at (Café whatever). Then after lunch, we would take a ride to (scenic location) and take pictures of each other. Finally, later that evening, there is (an event) that we could enjoy.”

For an extra touch, laminate the cards with laminating sheets. You can make your story more elaborate. People always enjoy thinking about places in the world they would love to see.

Road Trip Box 

  • Fill a box with any items that are helpful to have on road trips. Some examples are snacks, sodas, games, and maps.
  • You can also research places or activities on the way to their destination for interesting reading or event planning. 

Moving Box

  • Decorate a box and supply snacks, packing tape, change of address forms, and list important numbers (i.e., hospitals, restaurants) from the new area.
  • Include inventory pages to help them record where their boxes are located.
....more to come

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