Thursday, March 22, 2012

Celebrating Spring!

Passion flower in my garden

How do you celebrate Spring? The first day of Spring this year was on March 20th. "Springtime" refers to not only the season but broadly to ideas of renewal and growth. I've also heard some say that Spring is God's reminder of the resurrection of Christ. Just another way that God is continually drawing us back to Him. Have you ever considered that the coming of Spring could be a chance for you to get excited about something new?  God is amazing in His creativity...let's join Him!

  • Have you ever taken an art class? Maybe you've want to create pottery or paint your own design on a plate? There are tons of places that give inexpensive classes for these projects. Low on funds? Come on, you know there is someone around you who is an artist. Ask them if they would give you a lesson or two! Not only could you learn a few tips but they will probably be encouraged that you've asked a 'starving artist' for help. :)

  • What about music? Perhaps you can take some lessons on how to play a certain instrument or voice lessons? Sometimes there are local groups who simply enjoy getting together to sing a certain style of music. You can go support the local school band, high school play troupe, or see kinder garden musicals. Who says you have to have your own kids out there to do this?

  • Now is the time when you can enjoy the little beauties life has to offer. One idea is to take a nature photography class. How about bird watching? With the Internet you don't even need to find a class...just go online and start looking in the park. Get out there and start noticing all the wonderful things God has created and how quickly he makes things grow. In the spring, many local schools and parks begin planting gardens so if bird watching sounds boring then find a community looking for volunteers and go get your hands dirty!

  • If you want to 'bloom' at public speaking, then look for a group who encourages and inspires you to practice. This could help you to be more comfortable sharing your faith. Go to the local bookstore when they are having a poetry reading or get a book club together in your home, start reading, and sharing.

Basically, what inspires you?! Maybe you want to learn to whittle wood? Learn to shoot a bow & arrow? Rock climbing? Start training for a 5 or 10k race? Learn how to sail a boat or maybe some magic tricks, create a scrapbook, make kites to give to a lower income elementary school, become a mentor, take a new college class, learn to meditate, start an organic garden, play the harmonica, read a book series, or build a blog? :) The options are endless! May God inspire your heart through the Spring He's just sprung on you. *hug*

Need some other ideas? Check out 

So, how am I going to celebrate Spring this year? Well, as a single woman who owns my own home, I'm bewildered to think that in the past women weren't allowed to own a home, go to college or vote (along with many other things). One reason I can live the life I have today is because there were women who fought for me. So, I've decided to study out the beginnings of the Women's Rights Movement. :) All thanks to School House Rock & Mary Poppins for beginning my passion as a little girl. Click these links to see what I'm talking about: Sufferin' till Suffrage & Sister Suffragette.

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