Friday, March 16, 2012

Attention coffee & tea drinkers!

One of the things I like in the mornings when I spend time with God is to enjoy some great coffee! This is why I affectionately call my times with God "Coffee & Cozy Times." Usually, I have Seattle's Best #4 or I'll have some unsmoked Yerba Mate tea but while on vacation I had some incredible tea called Fire Light Chai (with ginger & clove).

So this made me curious...what do others do to make their times with God more special? Do you have a certain drink you could recommend? Or maybe you light candles or sit in a special place. What sets apart your personal times of worship? Inquiring minds want to know and be inspired! :) 

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  1. Now that it's spring, there's a courtyard near me. Yesterday afternoon, I took a blanket and laid out and prayed and spent time with God and it was fun. Comfy chairs and fun lighting also help me too (I have paper lanterns that I like).