Friday, January 20, 2012

My Mundane is God's Memorandum

Going to the gas station, to me, is very mundane. Yet God happened to send me a memo there and funny's not the first time He's involved a gas station. (see "Let Go & Fly" post) *LOL*

I pulled into the gas station, drove up to my "usual" pump but noticed gasoline kind of leaking out of the handle. "Well, that can't be good," I remember thinking. So I pulled through, went two pumps over and started filling up my car. At around $8, I began searching for the call box to let the workers inside know the issue with pump #17. By $11, someone else had pulled up to the leaky pump, got out, and started walking toward the store. "I guess she is going to tell them," I said to myself and looked back to my own pump. Something odd happened at around $ was like the Spirit said, "GO, get outta here!" I remember thinking, "What? I need to fill up." But the feeling rushed on me like my life depended on it. So unlike normal where I stop the pump on an even dollar amount, I stopped at $16 and some change, got into my car, started it, and zoomed off. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I really expected to see the gas station blow up or something! "I'll probably hear about it on the news tonight," I thought, knowing that the Spirit moved me.

As I continued to drive and pray about why this happened, I began to consider how the Spirit urges us. After reflecting, I realized that maybe it had nothing to do with the gas station? Maybe I needed to get on the road to be ahead of an accident or another situation? Maybe the Lord didn't want me to be late for work? Or maybe God is just training me to listen to His Spirit for something in the future? All I know is I'm glad I listened. It feels good to follow what the Spirit puts on my heart even when I don't understand.

You know when you feel the Spirit urging you. It can be big things. It can be small things. You know the feeling that says, "Hey, share your faith with that guy." or "You should help that older woman with those papers she just dropped." and even, "Tell the waitress what a great job she's doing." Have you ignored the Spirit lately? I may have obeyed at the gas station when I felt my life depended on it but I know I've heard and decided to be selfish. Maybe you can go back now and obey? Sometimes, these are once in a lifetime opportunities but sometimes we get a second chance. Which reminds me...I've got to go call and brag on a few people.

I'm so glad for little memorandums from God.
Psalm 143:10 "Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground."

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It's comical imagining you running from the gas station but such a good example of obedience. I need to learn to RUN like that in all situations even if I don't get it or am fearful of what the spirit is telling me. :)