Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beauty: Under Attack

One afternoon many, many years ago, I parked outside my apartment complex to wait for someone to pull through the gate. As I sat there, I looked across the parking lot at the other parked cars and a bird caught my eye. This bird was flying around a blue car when suddenly, it attacked the mirror. I watched as it then moved from the blue car over to a red truck. Again it would hover in front of the mirror and all of a sudden - - Attack!

“Silly bird,” I thought, “you’re not doing anything but wearing yourself out.” Ah, the real lesson...You see, I was this silly little bird. I had been sitting there feeling unhappy about my weight and any other flaws my mind could conjure up. I sat there attacking my own image, tearing myself down, and wearing myself out. This is not God’s desire for me nor was my thinking the way He views me.

I'm so grateful for the type of lessons God shows me through nature. I really feel the need to be ever watchful! How are you doing in this area? It is natural for us to do some self evaluations so that we can grow but we've got to make sure we don't take it to the point where we forget God's true vision of us. I hope you also find some encouragement through this and may this silly bird never visit you or your mirror!

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