Friday, December 9, 2011

Inexpensive Date Ideas

These ideas are collected in book I was writing called "Refreshing Others."
(SP) stands for Special Person:

Roman Date: Set up a small tournament of the traditional Romanian game – Terni Lapilli (Tic-Tac-Toe). I Believe Romans ate mostly vegetables and dined very simply. Table knives and forks were unknown but the Romans had spoons like ours today. Before food was served, it was cut into finger food portions and eaten by using fingers or a spoon. You can make the men togas with just simple white sheets and clever laurel wreaths for their “crowns” and the women can wear a shawl over their shoulders or head. We gave them official invitations saying they were 'hereby challenged to a game of Terni Lapilli!' I made the game board out of a simple square piece of cork board that I sectioned off with lines using a marker. For the pieces, I bought inexpensive rocks. One set white, one set dark stones. I still even have the board today and pull it out sometimes!

Hawaiian Date: 
Make a dish, like fish tacos, for the meal. Set the mood with music from the internet from Hawaii. Decorate the house with palm trees, sunsets, or mountains made out of construction paper. I had a green sheet and threw it over the entertainment center to create a mountain. I placed a sunset and flying birds over it on the wall. As a decoration center piece, I purchased some inexpensive hermit crabs which I later donated to a local school.

Asian Date: A Japanese Gardens is a nice place to set up a date if you have one in your area. If not, then make or order inexpensive Asian style food and make a pallet on the floor. Use only chopsticks or your hands as an extra touch. Ask your SP to leave the shoes at the door and relax. You can also rent/watch a Kung-Fu movie. On this double date, a sister and I painted our faces, put our hair up in fun buns and really tried to look the part.

Western Date:
Make or purchase a meal, like chicken fried steak and all the 'fixings’. Set the mood with country music and cowboy outfits. The thrift store is my friend! ha. Decorate the house create a jail, put out some cactus or make them out of construction paper. For the activities, set up some aluminum cans to shoot down with a toy gun that shoot home-friendly arrows or you can use rubber-bands. Also, you can have the group learn a line dance for some laughs.

Balloon Date: Take your SP to the store and purchase two economical helium balloons. Buy the ones with no design, take magic markers, write notes, messages, prayers, or gratitude lists, and send them off.

Camera Date: go purchase a disposable camera, driving around the city, and take pictures of each other. The pictures do not have to all be serious. Drop off the camera for one hour development, go grab a snack or drink and then go back to enjoy them together.
            - use a camera with black and white film
            - have a scavenger hunt with taking photos of specific objects
            - buy a picture frame at the store and give picture to your SP