Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Christmas Love Note From God

A few years ago, I decided to encourage some sisters by creating Christmas love notes to them from God. So I spent some time praying that God would guide me then I went to the bible to write notes based on scriptures. This was an encouraging activity for them and for me. I didn't 'assign' these notes to a specific sister but just trusted that whichever one they happened to pull out of the box was the one God meant for them to have for inspiration. This year, I printed them again so that I could use them this Christmas holiday since I know they will be fresh and exciting. I thought I'd provide two examples for you. So feel free to use this simple little idea as one way to encourage your sisters around you in a very special way.

My Adorable one,
     Do you wonder what lies in store for you? Well, simply…My love! The season is here to remind you about us! You are very precious to Me and I want us to have exclusive time together. I want to refresh you and show you My love. Please enjoy these holidays - stretch, breathe, relax.
                                                                                                                Forever yours,

Dearest sweetheart,    
     I want to bring us closer together. I wanted to remind you how special you are to My heart. So much goes on in your day and I decided that some “us” time was very much needed. I care about you more than you can imagine. Have peace during this season and enjoy My love…          
                                                                                I love you – never forget!

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