Friday, February 19, 2016

The Willing Heart - Chasing Surrender

Photos by my daughter
'She drove through the darkness and her intention was resolute. By appearance an outsider might envision her chasing the sun and finally catching up with the light as it crest over the horizon. However, she had driven for hours because of the something else that was driving her…an anxious heart. 

She pulled into a parking lot next to a lake and as she watched the water caress the edge of the earth, she knew this would be a place of surrender and connection. Silently sliding from her car, she took a long, gentle stretch to allow her muscles to lengthen, as well as her mind. Eventually, she reached inside again to grab her pen and notebook, bible and coffee then strolled over to a sizable rock. 

After arranging herself a seat, she took one small sip of coffee and plunged into the depths of vigorously writing. Dark blue words 'wet' the page in rhythm with waves reaching their zenith on shore. In the aftermath of her heart being completely poured out, she ripped that fibrous sheet from the notebook and trudged over to her rock's edge. Her hands tore those written words and fears to shreds while she whispered prayers of surrender.

Then as she stood there softened, the wind swept from behind her towards the lake and her hands loosened their grip so that the pieces were gently taken away. Quietly watching them land in the waves to be carried far from her, she smiled.'

Written Feb. 19, 2014 & updated Feb 19, 2016