Friday, February 6, 2015

Prayer Journal for a Prayer Warrior

"When my arms can't reach people who are close to my heart, I hug them with prayers."

This is a quote written in the "Friends" tab of my prayer journal. I started this prayer journal last Sept. (2014) Prayer is my weakness. I'm a study and reading powerhouse but prayer - not so much. I often would find myself getting distracted when I prayed. Also, it seemed I didn't cast my prayers very wide. To me, this means I'd just pray for the same stuff going on in my little world only.

I've had a basic prayer journal in the past but this one has helped me because I tabbed it! You may see 5 tabs but there are actually 6 sections. When I was creating the tabs I accidentally forgot to make one for the section on my prayers. When I realized that, I found it fitting that other prayers were forefront over me. :) The sections are:

Beloved (me - that's what my name means)

I don't write in each section ever day nor do I pray through ever section at one time but this has helped me to pray much deeper. In the Gratitude section, I journal to God things I'm happy and grateful for while in the Worship section I doodle and record scriptures that inspire me as I worship God. In the Beloved section I tend to pray about things I need to grow in and sometimes record points during a sermon that personally pierce my heart. This section also has some specific "Mom Prayers" I pray for fairly consistently so that I can grow as a mom too. In the Family section, I pray different things for my family and I have this list of things I continually pray over my daughter. (the list below)

The largest section ends up being the Friends tab. I record prayers people ask for and pray almost daily for these needs and desires. Sometimes I date them when I begin praying and I place a heart next to the ones I finish praying for when the prayer is answered or when that person has asked me to now pray for other things.

The Beyond section is the section that really stretches me! I try to pray for world events, tragic happenings, and bold prayers for people I don't even know! I pray for our country and for other countries. I pray about the wars going on, the people in power, the hungry and those in need. I pray for public health issues and for Christians under persecution.

I wish there were more pictures that I could show you but I want to be respectful of the prayers I'm praying for others. There are lots of different examples online of prayer journals- this is just the one that has been working for me. Anyway, it's been great to have this little journal and if you are looking for a way to be more of a prayer warrior but like me, really struggle to go as deep as you really want to in prayer, then I hope you'll think about giving it a try.