Thursday, January 1, 2015

Victory Jar 2014 & Adoption Day!

This morning I'm reading all my victories that I recorded in 2014. It's amazing how many of these I forget as the year passes. These are not only my personal victories but beautiful things that happened which made me feel special and loved. Of course, our "gotcha day" was the biggest so I'll finally be able to share pictures now that it's done. They are at the end of the post. Anyway, I'm so grateful I had these written so I can remember and smile! Random order...
  • Began visiting a nursing and rehab facility in my neighborhood to encourage the residents there 
  • Completed some projects at work that went wonderful and received praise from my boss
  • Had my first respite visit and was able to love up on a young sibling group from foster care
  • Worship God at night under the stars
  • Memorize a new poem
  • Completed my photo album for the adoption agency and began submitting homestudy for potential children
  • Enjoyed the company of two best friends who came over with dinner and prayed with me during an extremely challenging time this year 
  • Secret serving of another
  • Began zendoodling 
  • Planned a wonderful "Strength Weekend" for me and some close friends to get away and get closer to God
  • Met my daughter for the first time...
  • Received gift from church for my daughter to attend teen camp and a teen weekend
  • Put a hybrid exercise machine together by myself
  • Made dinner for a couple and served them in my home
  • Had an funky and unique 40th birthday party at a spa & trendy hotel with friends
  • I was called "Mom" for the first time by my girl.
  • Followed God's spirit and left an ill-fitted group at church
  • Connected with several parents who foster teens
  • Joined an amazing family group in my church, in my area - their support this year has been incredible
  • Finished ALL that paperwork for the adoption
  • Successful sweet 16 birthday party for my daughter :)
  • Had an amazing July 4th and family reunion to introduce my potential daughter to extended family
  • Terrific "girls weekend" with my momma
  • Enjoyed a segway adventure and David Garrett concert with my folks
  • Joined a parenting/teen class with my girl
  • Challenged a book in the library of my girl's high school and WON! They reviewed it and decided it's subject matter was too pornographic and pulled it from the shelves
  • Got a wonderful new treadmill to exercise
  • Opened up and shared deeply with friends about some fears and hurts from others
  • Finished Christmas shopping early to help my budget
  • Started a prayer journal to widen my prayer life
  • Heard a great message about embracing the full ministry of Jesus "The Great Compassion" 
  • Survived cat dental cleaning and other cat health issues - ha
  • Great friend traveled to my job several time to have lunch with me and encourage me
  • Coworker praised me to my boss
  • Asked my girl if she would be open to us "adopting" each other - she said yes!
  • Planned annual trip to hometown and got to see an answered prayer of my daughter seeing the passion play with me that I watched as a teen!
  • Completed the sponsorship of a teen in the Compassion program - Chidodolo graduated on to police school
  • Enjoyed a day of "healing" - rain, butterflies and special time with God
  • Decorated for the holidays with my daughter and enjoyed seeing things as she experienced it
  • Amazing family photo session to celebrate my new family
  • Adoption Day! Family, friends, laughter and so much joy
  • Began new family, new traditions, new life!
I'm certain more things happened during the months before the adoption but that I was just too busy to record them. Ultimately this has been a life changing and amazing year! I'm so grateful and in awe. Life is good and God's plans are best. 

Introducing my new smart, funny and beautiful daughter. :) 

My best friend support team! 

The moment after the judge granted our adoption.

My amazing parents! I'm so grateful for their support.
Would have been tough without this crew as our support.

The one who calls me Mom. :) 

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  1. She's beautiful and you are too - you look radiant!! Congrats on a monumental year. May God bless you abundantly in 2015