Monday, March 3, 2014

Inexpensive Date Ideas [Fall/Winter]

Whether you are single or married, dates are a great way to strengthen one another after a long week. I have seen how group dates impact those around us. People are not use to seeing happy people, who usually don't look like they would ever hang out, spending time together.

I was on a small group date once and as one of the brothers finished praying for the meal and we all said, "Amen" a group at the table next to us said, "Amen" too. Glancing over, their looks said it all...they were moved! I forget that most people are "people-watchers" and the impact we can make on others. Anyway, I hope these small ideas get your creative juices flowing. Go ahead...get on out there with these group date ideas!

Puzzle Date: Go to a dollar store and buy an inexpensive puzzle. It doesn't need to be 1000 pieces so buy something simple and funny. Try one under 250 pieces so you can have time to complete it on the date. (Unless, singles, you want a second date *grin*) You can go to a coffee shop or book store, and talk while putting it together. If you are a student, then take it to the student lounge or library. You might get some puzzled looks from others (ah, wordplay) but you can use it as a great spring board for conversations.

Cookie-cutter Date: Buy premade cookie dough, flour, and a gingerbread person cookie cutter. The cookie cutters are around 99 cents at most stores. You and your date can decorate the first two cookies out of the oven to 'look' like each other. Then make funny 'people cookies' to give away and encourage others. (found this idea on Invite a coworker(s) and their spouse or significant other.

Some More S'Mores Date: If you have a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, make s'mores. You will need marshmallows to roast, a layer of chocolate, graham crackers to smash them between, and a childlike heart. Invite your neighbors over to join in the fun. This is great activity to do with someone who has children. Add a hot drink and enjoy.

Wine Shop Date: Most wine shops hold free tastings and offer pairing with cheese, crackers, and chocolate. It's a great way to meet others in that neighborhood as well. I learned so much from the people I met who just happened to swing by for the event. The shop owner was lovely too. After a great conversation, the group I was with invited some people there to the coffee shop that was next door. We had a great night of laughter and deep talks. If you and your date don't mind a sip of wine, why not give it a try?!

Movie Star Date: Grab a camera with video or your smartest phone and bring along your group of friends. Take turns making silly videos using your location of choice as your own film arena. Make a witty public service announcement, do a comic routine, have a fashion show or read a children's book and make the sound effects. You just need to make it fun. (and safe/legal) HA. For an added touch, take a clip board, have someone wear a director style hat...take props that make it feel like you are shooting a film. The options are endless.

Saturday Morning Date: Who says dates have to be at night? Have a Saturday morning date. If you are married and are use to seeing each other on Saturday mornings, grab another couple to spice things up. Eat cereal, or make some simple breakfast together and watch cartoons! Talk about your favorite things to do when you were a kid on Saturday mornings. Reminisce. When I mentored in the teen ministry, I had a "Superhero" themed Saturday morning hang out. I decorated the front door to look like a tree house and had them do a secret knock (to the song, 'Jesus is gonna fix it'). I made simple items that went with Superheros. (examples: a towel as a cape for Superman, Spiderman got to have the silly string, She-ra & Wonder woman received crowns just like the ones the characters wear..etc.) It was a blast...I have such fun pictures from that time together.

Summer Theme Date: "Plan a cold-weather escape at home with a summer-themed dinner and movie night. Scrape the snow off the grill and fire up your favorite grilled summer food. Mix up some refreshing lemonade, a tasty tropical cocktail or whatever fruity beverage reminds you of sitting poolside in the sun..." (thanks - that's genius) Watch summer-themed beach movies like “Cast Away,” “Blue Hawaii,” “Jaws" or "Flipper"

Okay, my friends that is just a start. Got other ideas? Please comment and share them :)


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for including these on your blog! We are going to jump in with both feet!
    We too go on group dates and pray together and get pats on the back from older people and positive comments from servers. That is not why we do it we do it because it's the right thing, but it is an awesome way to minister to others from your everyday activities.
    Sherlynn <3

  2. Hi Sherlynn! That's so inspiring that you go on group dates too and have seen the impact they can make on others. Wow, just by the overflow of your hearts to love God people's thoughts turn to Him. Love it.