Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rosebell updated

Yay! I just noticed I have new photos of Rosebell. :) I'll get clearer ones in the mail soon but this made my day. This sweet, sweet young lady lives in Uganda. In her region, the typical monthly salary earned is $11. 

Someone else sponsors Rosebell but they have asked me to write and encourage her. I love it! It's such a joy to me. Isn't she cute in her outfit. 



  1. She's beautiful - what a great smile! I got an updated photo today, too!

    I'm still looking for sponsors for my 2 correspondent kids in the DR.... pray with me?

  2. I will pray for that! It's strange because I was just thinking that if her sponsor could no longer sponsor her that I'd be so sad to lose her...that's what happened to Zuhura. :( So I need to pray for Rosebell's sponsor too!