Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wisdom Nuggets

In one of my favorite Disney movies, "The Kid," Bruce Willis plays the character of Russ Duritz, an cold image consultant who suddenly meets a young, adventurous little boy - who just happens to be "Rusty" his 8-year old younger self!

As the movie progresses, the pair try to figure out why and how his younger self suddenly appear so many years in the future. There are many moments as the two of them get "reacquainted" when young Rusty reminds his adult self of some life dreams he once carried. And likewise, there are moments when Bruce Willis' character imparts his wisdom as an adult to the 8-year old "Rusty" about his future.

I enjoy this movie and it's jewels of lessons (and laughs). We often take for granted all the encouragement children need. This is one of the reasons I diligently write to my Compassion International kids! They need encouragement. So think about it...what nuggets of wisdom would you share with your 8-yr old self? Here are some of mine:

Dear little 8-yr old me,

You can do it!! What is it, you ask? Anything you set your mind to do. I know you hear this often but you can't ever hear it enough. You are special and talented. Also, I know you get insecure when the other girls talk about how "fat" they are in your class. And since you do weigh a bit more than the number they are sharing it's easy to get insecure but you are a lot taller than any of them. You will look back on photos someday and think - wow, I was so skinny...why did I fret so much! :) So don't worry over your jean size or the like...there's more to life than that. And Baby, take your time & don't settle on silly boys. You have big adventures ahead of you and big things to accomplish. Honestly, settling will drag you down and you are too exquisite to settle!

Most of all...read the bible for yourself. Don't take others word for it. Read it, treasure God, get to know Him. He loves you, is your friend, watches out for you, and wants you under His wing. You can only have a real and deep relationship with Him through digging in and getting to know Him for yourself through your own personal times. Find out about Jesus, he's awesome! Connect with him - you will be saved so much heartache both here on earth and in heaven if you walk with him. Well, gotta go now...but lastly, I just want to say thanks for hanging in there so far, especially when times have been rough. There are great times ahead - some challenges too - but baby, you'll be just fine. 

I love you, God loves you more!
39-yr old me

So okay, you can't really go back and encourage your younger self BUT you can make a difference in the life of another child. Check out these Compassion Kids...they need the wisdom nuggets you carry!

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  1. Love it! I'm so glad you are joining the bloggers this month to blog about Compassion!!