Monday, September 16, 2013

Quick Rainy Day Project - Christmas tree skirt

**Sorry for the early Christmas post but I can't afford all of Christmas on just one month's salary so I've always got to get an early start. HA. **

Over Labor Day, we had a nice rainy day so I took the opportunity to do some crafting. I have been looking for over three years for a Christmas tree skirt but either they were ugly or just too expensive! I found one I really liked on Etsy but, even though it's reversible, it was still $85 before shipping. :(

So before I'd spend that kind of money, I had to at least try to make one first. I'm pretty satisfied with the one I made and eventually I can make it reversible as well. Mine had to be cat friendly...and of course, presents sit on top of it most of the time so it didn't need to be too elaborate. Here it is!

Just took a clean white towel - the cut didn't need to be perfect

Cut burlap ribbon into strips, hot-glued one side of strip to towel then folded other side over and hot-glued.

All the way around...*tip: used an old medicine bottle to press fabric down so my fingers didn't get in the hot glue

Cut up an old scarf and did the same thing as with the burlap

Running low on burlap ribbon so I hot-glued strips flat

Finished off with remainder of scarf
Looks perfect around my little tree!
Here's another idea of patterns I was experimenting with that day:

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