Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Precious Time

Yesterday I called Compassion because I noticed that Zuhura's picture and profile had disappeared from my account, even the copies of the letters I've written her...gone. The lovely gentleman on the other line said that her sponsor had cancelled their sponsorship of Zuhura and that they had left me a voicemail message. Unfortunately, I did not receive that message. Also, I can't pick up Zuhura's sponsorship because two children are currently my financial limit and I can only commit to writing more children but not sponsoring them. I've known this is a possibility yet I find the absence of any record of her from my account so SAD!

So since I can no longer write her...this is the comfort I find in God and what I would say to her if I had the final chance to write...Zuhura, you are not forgotten by God or by me. He will keep his arms around you and I will keep your photo in it's cute frame in my home and continually pray for you, your family, your life.

Yesterday was FULL of God's reminder not to squander time. This change convicts my heart that I must pray more...for these children and for people that walk in and out of my life each day!! And that I must take every opportunity to encourage and share love! Even yesterday's tragedy in Boston and spending time at work with an estate donor's brother who is 97 years old was the Spirit's reminder. Time is precious!

And as God's Spirit would have it, a joy of the day was that waiting in my mailbox just happened to be my first letter from Rosebell!! And my first letter from any of the children that was actually written BY THEM. So I will close this post with the words she wrote,

"Ms. Amy Baker,
How are you and how is your life? For me, I am okay. I am greeting you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Me, I am with no problem except that my grandmother is sick and my grandfather is sick from pressure and diabetes. They went to Mulaga hospital.
Thank you for praying for me through my holiday. I went back to my school. I am now in first term in primary six. Pray for me so that I can perform well. Other wise I appreciate all the care and guidance you are giving to me. Sending you this verse, Isaiah 55:6 says seek to the Lord while he may be found, call you upon him. Thank you very much.

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