Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Compassion & an update on Purity!

I went to the "Our Compassion" forum website to catch up with people the other day. It's nice because the website has your children's pictures pop up when you log on and you can connect easily with other sponsors. That afternoon, though, a face I didn't recognize came up with my kid'os. I thought, "Did I get another correspondent child?" But was Purity! I called Compassion and they let me know they'd send me a new booklet with her updated pictures and that they update children's profiles every two years. They will get new photos, find out how your child is doing in school, and ask the children about their hobbies again. I was so excited because I'm a very visual person so pictures are great. :)

Purity turns 9 years old this April :)

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